Course de l'Escalade 2019

BAAVA barriers to protect the famous run "Course de l'Escalade" in Geneva

As a sporting and popular run, this race brings together an impressive number of runners every first weekend in December. There were more than 42,000 of them this year, placing the event by far at the top of the Swiss hiking race rankings and among the most important in Europe.

Counter-terrorism exercise of the Public Prosecutor's Office

The BAAVA barriers were chosen during the anti-terrorist exercise that took place on 11 December at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Geneva.

Our ram vehicle barriers were used to protect the entire site. Their mobility and modularity were praised by the organization as well as the security company in charge.

Official photos will follow.

Estivale Open Air 2019

We would like to warmly thank the Security company in charge of the Estavayer-le-Lac Open Air Festival for renting our BAAVA 156VL barriers to secure access to the site.

The mobility of the barriers has been very useful in facilitating the receipt of goods while maintaining a high level of safety.

We look forward to repeating this experience next year and at other festivals!

National Day in Chêne-Bougeries

The municipal police of Chêne-Bougeries trusted us by using the BAAVA 156VL rental barriers to secure the festivities for the national holiday of August 1st.

About ten police officers were trained in the assembly and dismantling of the barriers to enable them to be rented with moderate blows for the next use.

The red and white colours of the fences are beautifully blended into the background with our nearby Swiss flag.

We are looking forward to repeat this experience with the other counties of "Les 3 Chênes".


Fête des Vignerons 2019

We are proud to contribute to the security of the 2019 Winegrowers' Day (Fête des Vignerons) with the use of BAAVA 1800PL barriers in multiple colours:

  • yellow barriers: acquisition of more than 150 modules by the Cantonal Police of Vaud
  • red/white barriers: rental park managed by the Practeo Group (

The equipment is put to the test during this major event. Its mobility is one of the strong points for filtering vehicle passages that must have access to the arena site. The reception of the public on site is excellent. The feeling of security provided is real and welcome.


BAAVA booth on Saturday, June 15, 2019 from 10:00 to 19:00 at Palexpo

BAAVA 156VL and 1800PL barriers will be present on a stand during this day organized in favor of the association "Ses Yeux Couleur Planète".

Rescue Day 2019 is a event that will highlight the professions of rescue, security and assistance. Come to discover uniformed personnel, their vehicles, their equipment and participate to many activities that will be proposed. All people will dream in front of the vehicles of the Rescue and Firefighting Service (SSLIA) and the Fire and Rescue Service (SIS) of Geneva Airport, admire the work of various dogs with their masters, discover associations, society and entities that work daily for your safety of all.

Free entrance. Open to all public.

This day is organized by the Association Ses Yeux Couleur Planète (ASYCP) in order to help children and families affected by a rare disease. All the profits and donations will go within this recognized association of Public Utility.

Palexpo, Route François-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

Second life for our banners

As part of our eco-responsible business approach, we are going to give a second life to the banners that will adorner our barriers.

The banners will be transformed into pencil, backpacks, purses or toiletry kits. We are always looking for partner for this work as the company

The profits of the sales of these objects will be donated to associations that animate actions of sustainable development.

NEW ! BAAVA barriers are available in Switzerland

As of May 1, 2019, the BAAVA barriers will be available for rent throughout Switzerland. Practeo Group, based in Renens, holds the exclusivity.

To protect markets, processions, pedestrian or automobile races, festivals and all other occasional and temporary event, the barriers BAAVA are quickly put in place. They allow rapid exit of emergency services and are not anxiety-provoking compared to the usual concrete blocks. With international certifications following crash tests, they can, depending on the model, stop vehicles up to 3.5 tons or heavy vehicles such as 18 tons with 7.5 tons of load.

The BAAVA 156VL and 1800PL rental barriers will all be red and white to comply with the Swiss laws of Road Signs (OSR).

A launching day is scheduled for May 9, 2019 at the Ramada Encore Geneva hotel from 9:30 am to noon, by invitation only. You can send us your request to Otherwise call us on 0800 222 822, free phone from Switzerland.

  • Turnkey service (advice, delivery, assembly and disassembly)
  • Certified and guaranteed material
  • No storage, material handling and maintenance
  • More efficient, aesthetic and mobile than concrete blocks
  • No impact on the working hours of security guards or volunteers
  • Fast installation (less than 10 minutes for a barrier of 4 modules)
  • No nuisance installation and risk reduction (no need for crane truck)
  • No deterioration of the road (wheels and lever)
  • Use in the form of a filtering barrier (mobility by one man) or fixed dam or even baffle
  • More discreet and adapted than service vehicles that require a driver
  • Response to access and evacuation constraints by emergency and response services
  • Very competitive price compared to alternative solutions (terminals or concrete blocks)