Heavy vehicule BAAVA 1800 PL

BAAVA’s 1800PL barriers have N3/N3C certifications, PAS68 and IWA14, as well as ASTM American certification. The N3/N3C category is an 18 ton truck category with a 7.5 tons rolling load. In this category, BAAVA is the only european manufacturer to be certified. The BAAVA 1800PL barrier has stopped a PL N3/N3C, 7.5/18 tons, at 50 km/h, over a distance of 17.9 meters.

We provide a tool to calculate the number of modules to cover the distance you need.

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Light Vehicle Barrier 156 VL

The BAAVA 156 VL barrier has the best stopping distance in the world with 5.5 meters for a 3.5 tonne truck at 48 Km/h with a PAS 68 certification.

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